Work Based Training Hours Result

Reports of apprentice Work Based Training hours (WBT) can be submitted using this tool. This page may be used instead of submitting traditional WBT report forms by mail or fax.  You may submit reports for one or multiple apprentices at once. Please Note: New reports of hours you submit will not be visible on your apprentices’ […]

To Do List

Apprenticeship registration that require sponsor review will appear on the sponsor’s To Do list.  Click on Verify Apprentice Registration to accept or reject the apprentice. Any notes on an organization or individual that have been given a bring-forward date will appear in the to-do list once the date occurs. Click on the task name to […]

Tax Credit Report for Sponsor

Allows you, as the Sponsor to request reports of Apprentices for Tax Credit and Audit purposes. Specify Report Criteria The start date is the date at the beginning of the tax period you’re reporting on. The end date is the date at the end of the tax period you’re reporting on. If you are a large […]

Search for Sponsor / School District

Enter one or more criteria to search for sponsor and school district organizations that are sponsors of individuals in programs. Quick Search If you know the organization number or exact name, enter it here to go directly to the organization file. Detailed Search Complete one or more of the search fields to narrow down a […]

Search for Course

This function enables the user to search through and display planned and scheduled technical training courses (a.k.a. training plans). Enter all or part of a search value.  Use the % sign to find the value anywhere in the field (e.g. %north will return any name containing ‘north’) Search on more than one field to narrow […]