Tax Credit Report for Sponsor

Allows you, as the Sponsor to request reports of Apprentices for Tax Credit and Audit purposes.

Specify Report Criteria

The start date is the date at the beginning of the tax period you’re reporting on.
The end date is the date at the end of the tax period you’re reporting on.

If you are a large employer or organization which organizes and manages apprentices for smaller organizations you may create and send reports directly to these smaller organizations by ticking the “I am running this report for another Organization”.

Entering the Organization Name, Email Address and Mailing Address will allow this information to appear on the report and provides the email address to which this report will be sent automatically when you click “generate report” on the next page.

Once you have entered the dates, you can press the “Select Individuals” button.  This will popup a new window with a list of your apprentices from the period your reporting on.  If you don’t see Apprentices in the list, try changing the dates to ensure you get a complete list.  If you are still having trouble and can’t see individuals you expect to see in the list, contact or ITA Customer Service and we’ll help you out.

The popup window has checkboxes by each apprentice retrieved.  Select the apprentices from the list who you want to include in your report and click “Select”.  The popup window will disappear and your chosen list of apprentices will be listed on the screen.

Click “Next” to proceed with creating the report.

NOTE: You can only receive this report in email.  If your organization does not have email as the preferred channel of communication you will see a page that will ask you to set your preferred channel to email and ask for an email address.  Without this you will not be able to generate the report yourself.

Once you click “Next” you will be on the confirm input screen.

Confirm Input

On this screen you’ll see your list of apprentices. Confirm your list of apprentices and click the “Generate Report” if you’re happy with the list.  At this point the system will generate a PDF report for you and email it to you (and the organization for which you generated it if you chose that option).
The report will also appear onscreen.  This gives you an additional option to review and save or print the PDF file for your use.

If you want to change the list you can click the “Back” button and get back to the “Select Individuals” button and go through the process described above to change your list.