Work Based Training Hours Result (Individual) Success

Reports of apprentice Work Based Training hours (WBT) can be submitted using this tool. This page may be used instead of submitting traditional WBT report forms by mail or fax.  You may submit reports for one or multiple apprentices at once.

Please Note: New reports of hours you submit will not be visible on your apprentices’ files until the following day.

Reporting WBT Hours


Click Add Hours to begin a new report of hours for an individual. The specific details for an individual’s hours report is entered into the WBT Hours Result pop-up.

The individual fields are:

Sponsor: Your organization

Individual: The apprentice you are reporting hours for

Type of Hours: The trade in which these hours were worked. This field will be pre-filled in most cases, but if your apprentice has more than one active apprenticeship you will have to specify the trade from a drop-down list.

Start Date: First day of this report period. The report period can be anything you want. The Start Date field will pre-fill with the first day you have not reported hours for (or the apprentice’s registration date if you have not reported any hours yet) but you can change the date if necessary.

End Date: Last day of this report period. The report period can be anything you want.

Number of Hours: Total Work Based Training hours worked in this report period.

Prior Employer: The name of the past employer these hours were worked for. (optional) As current sponsor you may authorize your apprentices’ past work-experience to be applied against their apprenticeship. You may opt to credit all hours of relevant experience, or a smaller percentage if the apprentice’s prior duties were only partially relevant to their current trade. You are responsible for collecting sufficient proof to document the quantity and scope of any such hours. By submitting a WBT report as prior employer hours you are personally signing your name to this past work experience, and making an attestation to the accuracy of your report.

Once you have completed a report of hours and clicked ‘Save’, the pop-up will close and the report appears in the list. At this point you can click ‘Submit Work Based Training Hours’ to send the hours report(s) to the ITA, or you may click ‘Add Hours’ again to include another report of hours. At any time you may click ‘Edit’ to change details of an individual report of hours, or click ‘Delete’ to remove a report of hours from the list. You must click ‘Submit Work Based Training Hours’ when you are finished entering reports of hours, or the reports will not be saved.

Errors and Warnings

If there is a problem with one of your hours reports, a warning or error message will appear in this column. Possible problems include:

If your report period dates overlap partially or in full with a previous report of hours, an overlap error or warning will be displayed. Warnings do not prevent you from submitting your hours report; rather they are a heads-up prompting you to double-check your info. If your report produces an error however, you must edit or remove it from the list before you may submit.

An error will be displayed if the new hours overlap with dates of prior hours submitted by your company for this apprentice in this trade. Reports of hours made by other companies will trigger overlap warnings instead.

If the amount of hours you enter is significantly higher than the expected average for the duration of the WBT report period you specify, a High Hours warning or error will be displayed. Often such a warning or error will indicate a data-entry mistake such as typing an extra digit or the wrong year. If you are certain your details are correct you may submit hours when a warning is displaying. Errors will prevent you from submitting your report until you edit it or delete it from the list.