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Welcome to ITA Direct Access! With Direct Access you can instantly get the most up-to-date information from your ITA tradesworker file including class grades, exam marks, reports of hours or other apprenticeship achievements, and full details on all British Columbia ITA certificates you hold.

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Your Individual ID is the six-digit** number which can be found on your Apprentice registration card or log-book (certain trades only) info page.  This number also appears on all ITA transcripts. On older documents this number may be labeled TWID, Tradeworker ID, or Registration Number.  Sponsors will receive this number in a special notification.

Your Password will be included on an invitation letter mailed or emailed to you if you have not used Direct Access before.  If you are a returning user you will have already selected a password – use the ‘Forgot Your Password?’ link to reset it if necessary.

If you have not yet received an invitation and would like to activate your account on Direct Access, you can go ahead and Begin to Activate Your Account by clicking here.

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 If you have already activated your Direct Access account, you can use these two links to have your Sign-In info emailed to the address we have on-file.

**your ID may be five-digits if you were an apprentice in the 1970’s or earlier